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The future of leadership requires a paradigm shift in emotional intelligence. Your organization's culture and overall success depends on it. Yancy Wright guides purpose-driven leaders and teams through a holistic approach to conscious leadership. He founded Alternavida on the belief that there are alternative paths to harmonize work and life, embodying a commitment to leading authentically so you can break free from the unconscious addiction to stress, workplace drama, and perpetual struggle.


Elevate your leadership, transform your organization, and embrace a healthier Alternavida approach.


Alternavida Leadership 

Alternavida Leadership 

Casa Alternavida  
Casa Alternavida  
Public Speaking & Coaching 
Public Speaking & Coaching 

Are you looking for a highly interactive and dynamic leadership development program or group facilitation by a seasoned professional.

Casa Alternavida is a boutique leadership retreat space offering a high-touchpoint, guided wellness retreat experience for curious, growth-minded teams and leaders.

If you want a highly engaging and dynamic public speaker or group coach, Yancy covers a variety of leadership development subjects focused on mindset shifts.






Image by Jakob Owens
Yancy Wright

Yancy Wright

CEO/Founder - Alternavida Leadership & Casa Alternavida

Yancy Wright
Yancy Wright


A visionary facilitator and coach, Yancy Wright guides organizations to new horizons. For almost two decades, he has been at the forefront of behavior change, aiding leaders and teams in resolving pain points such as communication breakdowns, misaligned values, silos, and resistance to change. His strength lies in championing value-aligned communication and igniting collaboration through authentic emotional intelligence.


Emerging from his own career burnout as a luminary in Seattle's green building industry, Yancy founded Alternavida in 2013. For over a decade, he has curated impactful learning experiences for esteemed organizations like CBRE Real Estate, Blanchard, Money Group, AbbVie, and Dell Children's Hospital Foundation. Yancy's nature-centric team-building approach doesn't just transform mindsets; it empowers executives to lead authentically from the very core of their being.


In 2017, Yancy reached a major milestone by designing and constructing Casa Alternavida, a tropical leadership retreat center transformed from an old, abandoned structure. Nestled between a lush rainforest and a warm ocean, this Puerto Rican sanctuary layers healthy food, quality rest, and nature adventures with personal growth.


Certified in Leadership and Transformation coaching (Hendricks Institute), Resilience coaching (HeartMath Institute), and Forest Therapy (ANFT), Yancy's mastery extends beyond qualifications. His master’s degree in architecture enables him to design unique experiential learning structures tailored precisely to meet clients where they are.


Yancy Wright stands as the transformational catalyst, blending unique expertise, decades of experience, and a commitment to empowering positive change that helps his clients achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Dell Children's Foundation
Entrepreneurs Organization
Oceanside Glass & Tile
Discover Puerto Rico

“It was grand to have you work with our coaching team. Love the way you get ideas across in a fresh and fun way. The exercises at the beach were terrific, it made a real impact and gave our team new perspective”.

Madeleine Homan Blanchard, Chief Coaching Architect

- Blanchard Coaching Services

“We can’t thank you enough for the very special and meaningful time you spent facilitating our team building retreat. You were the perfect person for us to reset ourselves and the entire team is grateful. I’ve heard such sweet sentiments from each of them about our time together. Thank you!!”

Susan Hewlitt, Executive Director

- Dell Children’s Foundation

I have been in Entrepreneurs Organization EO for 10 years and this forum retreat was the most

Inspirational and personally impactful as Yancy guided us through transformational exercises that helped me better connect with myself and my EO forum mates. 

Shannon Swift, CEO Swift HR Solutions

Swift HR Solutions, Inc. 

EO Seattle


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